Sunday, August 12, 2007


These flowers which I think were gallardias were nestled right by the fence on the walk way to the beach when I was walking yesterday. A quick sketch and painted today. I am not sure if my spelling of their name is correct or not.
A busy day today, Over to collect the old pram that I had used for the children and various others have used as well. It is one of those beautifully sprung English ones, in rather the worse for wear condition now but Tabby and John seem to think they can get it up again. Cost us a fortune when we bought it.
It was in a friends shed at Pt Willunga and the difference between there and here was amazing, blue skies, calm sea, here it was still wet and drizzly.
With the pram we also collected the bike I bought last summer and havent seen since. It still hasnt made it home but will soon. Now for a helmet.


Lin said...

NICELY DONE, Penny!! I LOVE the colors and the loose treatment!!! BRAVA!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, it makes a pretty picture. I'd like to see that old pram done up too and do a drawing of it?
The scene below is lovely - nice balanced shapes.

Tony F said...

A lovely rustic picture Penny. Your flowers are always beautiful.