Friday, August 17, 2007

The road to Littley's

I had to do something today as I feel that I am really not getting anything done when I dont paint something. So after a long day in Adelaide I came home and painted this, there are supposed to be puddles in the road but i dont know how to do them, and I was too tired to work it out.
A hectic couple of days, I did put something about it in my Back Valley seasons blog, and today visited my mother, who looks pretty spaced out, we sat and talked for a couple of hours, difficult to find new things to say but I managed it. I am really cross with this doctor of hers and especially after I checked out the drugs he is giving her, but not much we can do until we find another doctor, although we have told him to take her off them. They are for mental patients and on googling them I dont think they are for 95 year olds with senile dementia.
Unfortunatly trying to find a doctor who will visit nursing homes is almost impossible and most of the clinics around there are closed. What I need is someone with an in but I am not sure how easy that will be.
What hope is there for us as we get to that stage. I would like to go in my own way in my own time, not be kept alive for the sake of it. The more of us who grow older and older the worse it will be.


Keith said...

Very pretty painting. I have several paintings where I have a path veer off to the left.

My grandpa had altzheimers. It's a terrible illness for the one it strikes and the family who endures it.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, it's a nice painting. There is still so much beauty in the Australian landscape.
About the elderly, it's good to google about the medicines used - at least it empowers us a little to know what they are and the side effects. I agree, quality of life is what we want, not just a routine of medication and three meals a day.

Gail P. said...

The road looks wet to me!
Gorgeous painting!

As you know mom has Alzheimer's and I often argue with the doctor and usually win, but then mom is still at home. I worry about what will happen when I can no longer take care of her. Thanks for sharing about what you're going through! It's a world-wide problem!

Gail P. in the US.

Annie said...

The road looks wet in places to me,
too. I'm glad that you have this to
maybe keep up your spirits--Your watercolours surely are an uplift for us.

It's really heartbreaking to have a doctor who won't listen or consider one's wishes for our loved ones, and I also agree that the quality of life is what we want most for them.