Monday, August 13, 2007

The Bluff and Wright island

A messy sort of day, John was repairing cracks in the sitting room so that it doesnt look as though the house will fall on our heads when Patti Culea is here.
I tried to get my dolls body done for the class and found I didnt have enough pimatex to make the body so that was put on hold.
I was also going through magazines some to throw out, some to keep, this house is probably cracking under the weight of magazines.
I also managed a short walk and the hens gave me 3 eggs after none yesterday.
It is cold and no rain and the birds are enjoying the feeder I have been filling again, first the waxbills and then the rosellas, such lovely colours.
Late in the day I began this quick watercolour of the Bay, I took the photo over the week end, and there w as a flat oily looking sea with a few lazy looking waves and a high tide so not much beach. I am not sure if this is better or worse than the others I have been doing. To get a sea one is pleased with is not easy. Infact water is not easy.
I have also been composing a letter to the nursing home my mother is in, as without our knowledge the doctor has doubled the dose of ante depressents again, after being told to take her off them as that is the cause of the problems. The fact that she may have been a bit aggressive is another side of the matter, at almost 95 you would think that would not be a problem. Aaaagh!!!


Anonymous said...

pen you sky coloiurs are beatifull

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Keep up the painting Penny even with your busy life.
Re management of nursng home residents. Too many pills is bad news. I remember visitng my old music teacher (when young she was red-headed and feisty) who took her music with her to the nursing home. She went there because she was falling. She said, 'Wendy, I will not take those pills they give me.' But after four weeks, she did, and it was so sad. I wonder if she played the piano after that.