Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wright Island and the Bluff

I went walking along the bay this morning after dropping John off as he was going fishing. It was such a beautiful morning I sat and sketched this and I walked for about an hour so came home feeling very virtuous. Now I ache what with yesterday heaving pots around and todays long walk!
I have planted the lettuce and got together most of the stuff for tomorrow, I am doing a doll making class, something I havent done for ages and dont really feel ready for it.
I will be in Adelaide until Thursday so dont expect much from me as I wont have the computer.

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Keith said...

Glad the weather has cleared. Seems like your spirits have lifted as well. Will miss your postings until Thursday.

Speaking of dolls, today I quickly painted a doll on computer paper while the neighborhood kids and my daughter painted together on our kitchen table.