Monday, August 20, 2007

Store Corner

This is another fairly quick sketch done at Encounter Bay in the area that used to be known as Store Corner.
The Norfolk Island pines are typically planted around the foreshore
Pen in my small sketchbook.


Keith said...

I always wish I could come and paint the places you draw. There is so much variety in the landscapes. Always interesting and well composed.

Frankye said...


My thoughts are with you on the difficulty with your Mother. It is so sad to have our parents become ill at the ends of their lives. I hope things get better...and you are right to get her off the medications.

I had one Bantam hen twenty years ago and she produced one little egg every two days. I would save them until I got enough to have a nice omlette. There is nothing like a fresh egg.

I like your art work. The background in the Japonica piece is beautiful, as is the painting. The colors in the one you did of the bay "looking oily" are so rich. The reddish color on the hills gives it such life. Thanks for sharing all your work.

Tony F said...

Lovely composition Penny. You should explore this view more with your watercolours. You have captured the essence of the Norfolk Island Pines just beautifully.