Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Japanese Bantams

I would like to thank every one who has sent good wishes for the rather depressing time I am having at the moment, it is a great help.
I sat outside trying to get some sort of likeness to my bantams, they are really sweet and cluck around and the rooster has the silliest crow, very high pitched. I think I made the hen look a bit like a strange wren but they are short and compact and low to the ground with long tails, in the rooster. He is white with odd bits of black and the hens are all varying colours from pure white to grey, speckled grey, light grey etc. I am very fond of them. I keep trying to draw birds and I love all the paintings of chooks and never seem to get them right. I will keep on trying.


Keith said...

I like the plumage, the bright reds, the feet, the x-background. I'm glad this exchange has been a help for you. It helps me too. I'm not on cloud 9 myself, and I find relief by painting and sharing as well.

BTW, I've never tried water color and I woke up thinking I might give a go at that.

Tony F said...

Very cute chooks Penny.