Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back from Melbourne

These pink lillies were really all I managed to finish when it came to sketching, they were on the counter in the kitchen and were very lovely.
We had a great week, it was lovely to catch up with Simon and Marguerite and the children, although they were all at work or school during the day we managed a walk one afternoon and a baby sitting night. During the day we went off and explored the city and our surroundings using a seniors ticket on the railway which was ridiculously cheap for an all day ticket. We did one long drive. I will try to get more sketches up this week although I am heading to Adelaide to see my mother tomorrow and another busy day on Wednesday. So much for housework!!
The computer had a hissy fit while we were away too and although it was sort of fixed so John could do some business transactions it wouldnt do a lot of what I wanted it to do and logging on to blogger was a nightmare so I stopped trying.


Annie said...

So lovely with the color, Penny. I do enjoy your watercolors.

Sympathy to you re the computer. Mine has Hissy Fits all the time.

A friend in Connecticut insisted that "Hissy Fit" wasn't a word so I copied it out from the dictionary and gave it to him. I am now going to write him that ha ha, they even have hissy fits in Australia. Thanks :)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

This is a nice soft way of depicting the flowers. Good to see you back on the blog again. I haven't done any pics for a few days as my son and I are doing some house repairs and painting around windows etc.