Saturday, August 25, 2007

Near my back door

Today John and I got stuck into cleaning up the pots and surroundings that are near, well opposite the back door. There is an area with a rainwater tank that was desperately needing the jasmine cut back and then the garage and then a couple of cages, one large one which has the bantams in it and one smaller one that odd pots get put into.
Well I can now hardly move and John is not much better but the whole area looks ready for summer now so I stood by the door and did a quick sketch which I then threw some paint at. The odd looking bird is a terracotta penguin with a silly look on his face who I love.
The pots are mostly succulents and herbs as it gets very hot there in summer. There is also a pencil pine in a huge pot, my Mediterranean garden.
A full on day but nice to have at least that bit of the garden organised.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Pots and plants - it's a good feeling when they are tidied up a bit. And your documentation of your daily life with the drawings and paintings is coming along nicely as you must have a good collection by now.