Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The bar at the Anchorage

After a lovely walk out to Kings Beach this morning we came back to warm up and have a coffee at the Anchorage. I dont usually sit where I can see the bar and had fun drawing it.
A nautical theme of course, shaped like a sailing ship, small probably a whaler with a fake diving helmet on the prow.
The coffee is good and having waited for john to collect me while he went to the optometrist I froze even though I was standing in the sun as the wind was so cold.
I have been cleaning out my work room all afternoon, one more room to go, but I think I will probably make a mess again before Patti comes.
I have just got a really good book called Finding your Own Visual Language by Dunnawold, Benn and Morgan. A really good design book and I am looking foreward to trying out some of their exercises.

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