Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from Melbourne

We had a lovely time but I didnt have any time to paint and only did a few sketches. We seemed to be on the go most of the time and then I lost my pen and wasnt any where near a shop to get the 'right' one. I like the uni pin waterproof ones.
So here I was surrounded by the shopping in a huge shopping mall waiting for John to buy jeans and a shirt. Next door was this shop with hats and shoes and bits and bobs. I decided that I am hopeless at drawing shoes, especially tall strappy ones.
I am afraid my shopping was for a skirt, and boy do I have to lose some weight before I go away, and a couple of shirts.
It was very wet and wild while we were away, the same here and we had some lovely rain, but not exactly conducive to sitting outside and sketching, there are a couple of other sketches but I will do them later as I can see I will not have much time to draw in the next few days.
Home means getting a lot done that didnt get done before we left, and my back is not liking me as the physio had a rather solid go at it.
Gorgeous catching up with the family, the grand children have grown, it seems only the other day they were small and now they are almost teenagers.

To days Haiku is by Shiki and is because I walked near the sea most days.

We rowed into fog,
and out through fog...
O how blue
How bright the wide sea!


ArtPropelled said...

It's been very quiet with you away Penny. I've missed your sketches and haiku. Love the shoe window. Glad you enjoyed your time with the kids.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Penny I like you little sketches very much - they give me a taste of that shopping mall! Did I dream it or did you say you were coming to England shortly?