Friday, August 14, 2009

The fire place

I have not been home much lately but I did this pencil sketch earlier this evening while I waited for the dinner to cook.
I couldnt believe how hard it was to get this right from the angle I was sitting.
Late afternoon saw us on our way to McLaren Vale to collect some oysters and have a late afternoon tea with the friends who had organised it.
Shopping this morning and some where in the middle I think I have organised what I will do for the book marks I have to make.
Lots of internet looking as well trying to sort out the European and UK parts of our trip, which starts next month! Scary and I still have to sort out our accommodation in some places.
Exciting as well.
To nights Haiku is by Geharu

All the falling snow...
Imagine dancing
Butterflies flitting
Through the flakes!

A lovely image.

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Celeste Maia said...

Nice fireplace drawing. We are having a heatwave right now, so your fire place sent shivers down my spine...
Are you coming to Portugal or Spain during this European trip?
Now the haiku cooled was lovely.