Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with pattern

I had the idea for this rather large lady at the back of my head when I sat down for a few minutes and then I started to add patterns. I believe there is something called zentangle out there that has been talked about a bit on various blogs and this came from some of the doodling that I have seen.
I was actually looking for a rather exotic sort of person and the more I fiddled the more some of the African patterns came to mind.
Any way it was fun to do and perhaps it is something to use when nothing else is coming to mind. I think really it is a design tool.
Busy day trying to sort a few things out. We have to go to a dinner tonight, some sort of anniversary for the local branch of the Agricultural Bureau I think, I had better see what the invitation says so I know what I might be talking about!
Tonight's Haiku is by Shiki

What a splendid day!
No one in all
the village
doing anything!

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ArtPropelled said...

She's a cheerful soul isn't she. I love patterns too and tend to doodle on every surface whilst chatting on the phone. Drives my hubby crazy especially when his post is involved.