Sunday, August 30, 2009

Melbourne street

John doesnt like standing around for too long while I sketch so this was a bit wonky but I rather like the feel of it.
I just love these bits and bobs on top of the buildings, and I must say I like buildings, old ones.
Hope for lots of them while I am away.
Tomorrow I go for a lesson by a very precise Chinese painter, why oh why did I decide to do this class!! Mostly because it is local, but I dont paint like that and I am having very cold feet about doing it.
I went to suss out where the class is being held and to see what his stuff was like, as I thought not me at all.
I called in to see a local orchid show and resisted buying anything, and I called in to see my grand daughter ride at the riding club. The house is clean and I feel better (except about tomorrow.)
Perhaps this Haiku by Basho will help.

Red chilli pods:
Add wings -
and they are dragonflies.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
Enjoy the Chinese painting class even if it is different. It's a learning experience even if it is to say, hey, this is not ME!
Yes, buildings sometimes have lovely shapes, curved lines, etc. to draw.

Candy said...

Penny, I love old buildings, too. This is a nice sketch. You're going to have a blast in Europe - lots of old buildings to explore!

Don't worry about the class. You'll end up having fun, even if it's not your style of painting. I think most of us get nervous about trying something different. Then we go through with it and end up having fun and saying, "What the heck was I so scared of?"

Celeste Maia said...

I am sure you will enjoy the class and learn something new. Your drawing is very interesting. I cant wait to see what you will draw during your trip to Europe!
I liked the haiku, so beautiful.

Robyn said...

I love this drawing, Penny! It is so loose and expressive. Wonderful. As Candy said, you are going to have a blast in Europe - do give ourself a little private time each day for a sketch - it will mean so much more than a photo when you get home. (and we want to see it!)