Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jug of Arum Lillies

Pencil never seems to come out terribly well even when I scan on black and white which is very annoying.
I have this jug of both the white and the green goddess arum lilies that I picked yesterday and as I think I need to practice drawing in pencil this is what I did. John says now for goodness sake add colour and maybe I will do another one and paint it.
My give away on my other blog has been won by Robyn of the wonderful Art Propelled blog, I am so glad something is going to South Africa, I have never sent anything there before. Of course the Arum lilies are native to South Africa as well, another import that grows wild here if we are not careful.
We have been busy today trying to sort out the plans for our trip to Europe and the UK, it is all sounding as if it is possible!
October here we come.
A frost this morning but luckily not a very heavy one, I dont like August frosts as stuff in the garden has started to grow.
My Haiku for tonight is by Sodo and is jut because I like it.

"Who cares to notice
carrot flowers,
when the plum trees
explode into bloom!


Celeste Maia said...

Oh, I love the haiku by Sodo. And your line drawing. And reading your text. It is nice to be back, up the mountain where I was, there was no connection at all. This morning I came down the mountain and here I am, but I miss the silence up there. And the full moon was absolutely magic seen from where I was.

Studio Sylvia said...

Your pencil drawing captures the shapes well and the Haiku was lovely to read.

Candy said...

Love the drawing. Europe and the UK - woohoo! October sounds like the perfect time to go - not as many tourists and the weather should still be nice.

BT said...

I think your sketch is lovely as it is, it doesn't need colour. Oh, are you going to come to Ireland? You should, then you can come and see us!

Lovely Haiku.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The drawing is nice as it is. When you use your scanner do you have the options of photo/illustration/grey?/black and white? Photo is usually the clearest.
Hey, are you really going to Europe? How exciting! Which countries will you focus your trip on?