Monday, August 10, 2009

Gum leaves and seed pods

Yesterday we walked in the Aldinga scrub and although we didnt actually see this particular gum as it is a Western Australian, I have had so little time to sketch, draw or paint that I did these from some that are in a dried arrangement in the house.
I had one of those days today when looking for the registration of a pony who we had sold,I couldnt find it and went into panic mode and searched all the places I might have put it, although knowing full well that I always put them into the folder. I stopped panicing quite so much when I found we had 3 others that I didnt have and they had all gone at the same time so obviously some where there has been a mishap and I have now arranged for them to be replaced. Whew!!
So I have been on my feet for too long for 2 days and hope that things have not gone too far backwards with my knee.
The lunch yesterday was lovely but the paintings we went to see were not so good, I really dont know how people think they can get away with dark dark splodges.
Perhaps I am getting old and cranky.
It was for what they call the South Australian Living Artists week and a lot of things like this one are in peoples glorified sheds so no weeding of the good from the bad.
My Haiku for today is by Shiki

From watching the moon
I turned
and my friendly old
shadow led me home.

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Celeste Maia said...

What a beautiful haiku!
I could not agree with you more about people getting away with showing some dark splotches. The public has been brainwashed to believe that any kind of eccentric behaviour or splatches on the canvas is "art".