Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Owls and castles

I go from doing reasonable stuff to not so good. I think it is partly how I am feeling and sometimes the pressure of doing daily sketches or paintings gets too much.
My knee really ached yesterday which has upset me a bit as it should be a lot better this week and it doesnt seem to be.
Any way I have to get this done early as there is a problem with the modem and the little notebook computer so I will be without the internet for I hope not too long but I know these things usually take a while.
Not a good morning, the entire herd of milkers, over 300 got into the orchard and garden and as it has rained all morning, very heavy rain they made an awful mess and I was not at all happy.
So I sketched one of the Japanese castles we went o, only a small one but very typical.
The owls, well if you go here you will see what they really look like.
Today's Haiku is by Kyoroku

Even in castles
I have felt
The searching breath
Of the wintry wind.


ArtPropelled said...

Sorry about your knee giving you so much trouble Penny. I was just about to say, your knee must be expecting rain when I read further. Rain is known to make joints ache. Hope it improves when the sun comes out. Your owl sketches really appeal to me.

Elise said...

Love these pictures - thank you for sharing

BT said...

Oh Penny, that knee is a real irritation, isn't it? Maybe you're pushing it a bit hard? I love that sketch. And computers! They are great when they work. Hope you're not away too long.

someone else's cows got on our land some while ago and the mess they made was amazing. I was so upset and we are still filling in 'cow holes'.