Friday, August 07, 2009

I had an early morning walk in Victor this morning as John had a short meeting so I wandered with my camera and some of those photos will be on my other blog here and my sketchbook. I didnt have long to sketch but I did manage this date palm by the railway crossing. Victor Harbor is full of date palms and Norfolk Island pines.
The other funny sketch is of the slate tiles on a roof at Willunga which I did a quick sketch of while we had lunch the other day. I liked the rather odd design that had been used.
Dont forget there is a give away on my other blog as well, finishes at midnight tonight our time and I will draw it in the morning.
I am allowed to walk, I dont have a brace on my knee but I am not allowed to go too mad with power and at this stage no more physio appointments. Now I have to do exercises for my tight hamstring!
My Haiku for to day is by Buson, it is not quite spring here but a warm and sunny day walking by the sea was a little like this.

The sea in springtime -
all day rising, falling,
rising, falling.


Elise said...

You really are very talented - I love your blog and thank you so much !

Candy said...

Hi, Penny! I enjoyed reading about the people who have inspired you. I also like your sketches and I feel I am getting a little taste of Australia by reading your blog. Thank you!