Sunday, August 01, 2010


I am not very happy with this lino cut so I will take out all of that busy background and just let the pomegranite stand on its own. I spent a lot of time messing with this to not like it at all. When I took out bits of the background I felt it looked better.
Today we went wandering to look at a few galleries, found Jan Hylton's over at Clayton, she used to be the director of the SA art Gallery and is a lovely person. A gorgeous little studio with all sorts of bits and pieces, the sort of things I love, birds nests and her husband puts small assemblages together, there were shells, driftwood, as well as paintings and drawings. Jane does a bit of this and a bit of that, and she had done some wonderful fish prints, using an actual fish, something I have been threatening to do for ages and have never actually done. Next fish with big scales John brings in will be fair game. The fish Jane had done were the awful introduced carp, not the salmon as in the haiku below.
If you go to my other blog on the side bar you will see photos I took today at Pt Sturt on Lake Alexandrina and the amount of water that is now there compared to my blog post of July 2009.
So we were a bit heartened that things were not quite as bad as we thought.
The weather today with pouring rain and blowing wind and hail did give the illusion of a wet winter, which it has not been.
Lunch in a pub and a few cobwebs blown away.
Once more Basho has something to say.

Coldest days -
dried salmon,
gaunt pilgrim.

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Julie said...

Oh, I just love this pomogranite print! Background and all! I sure wish I could develope a talent like this withe the printing!!! It is just fabulous!!!

Can't hardly wait to see your future fish print!!!