Thursday, January 13, 2011


I dont really think this looks much like agapanthus but from where I was sitting in the house on this damp and rainy day this is what they looked like, a cloud of blue, so that is my splashy painting for the day.
We didnt think we would get much rain but it has just quietly and steadily done it for most of the day.
I have taken the opportunity of the cooler weather to clean the house. That thank goodness is done for another week or so. I am not a terribly good housekeeper and with only two of us in this large house these days the bits that get pretty used are the kitchen, my workroom and the sitting room, the rest I do as I go. I must admit it was a bit dustier than I thought! Maybe that is why John has been sneezing.
The Queensland flood disaster is now almost into the clean up stage in some areas, and I think that is worse than when the water actually rose, at least there appears to be not much rain for them in the next few days, but then what?
I have got to the stage where I could not watch or listen to the media repeating stuff about it any more and have had a few cd's blaring all day to keep me company.
I really dont know how people cope in those situations, I know we are a resilient lot but for some I am sure this is going to become just one disaster too many.
Have to say that I thought our PM didnt cover herself with glory but the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has been incredible in being the face of sense in a terribly difficult situation.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I was mesmerized and watched the TV for hours but now I'm tired of it. Our PM certainly didn't sparkle at all but Anna was excellent, compassionate, sensible, tired but saying hopeful things. I reckon the government should divert the money for the broadband into helping the people of Queensland recover.

annie said...

So very sorry for Queensland people and what they will have to face, now that the water is going down and they get back to what is left of their homes-- for those who have homes left, I mean.

But as you and Wendy say, we become over saturated with the sadness and need a rest from the news--so that beautiful painting is a lift, Penny.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Your painting is so free.... beautiful to see.

I am also so sorry for everyone suffering from the floods... they are happening all over the world now.. very difficult.

shirley said...

I like your interpretation of agapanthus. I have lots flowering, and they do look like a blurry see of blue at times. it is good to see something lovely apart from the devastation. Thank you for sharing thisl
over the years I have been disappointed with our premier, but during this terrible time she has shown her true metal and I have gained a new admiration for her. Some of her decisions may not have been good in the past but this could be down to her advisers. At the moment she has shown a leadership any state or country could wish for. It must be so hard for her. Maybe now she will have more confidence and take more decisions into her own hands.