Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peacock feather

Sketching for the sketchbook challenge and for my own enjoyment.
The male peacocks are losing their tail feathers and they are lying all around the garden. I do collect them every so often, they are very beautiful but the male birds llok terribly tatty with only a few long feathers left.
Watching with horror the on going tale of the Queensland floods, 3/4 of the State is under flood emergency, thousands and thousands homeless and more about to be as the rain just keeps on coming in some instances 100mm in an hour. All the dams are full and where do people go? Who will feed them, small communities are cut off others are under water. It is a total and unmitigated disaster and although the government is trying to help there is more rain coming and it is getting harder and harder to get around. Brisbane airport is now closed, food is not getting through, coal mines are flooded.
Many people who moved up from the south must now be wondering if they did the right thing. It is over 34 years since this last happened, and there are far more people and houses and roads etc there now than there were then.
People predicted it would never happen again, well it has and that is what happens in this wonderful, unpredictable country of ours, droughts and fires in the west, floods in the east. Those of us in the middle seem to get a bit of both.
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annie said...

Love your peacock tail. As you say, Penny, beautiful tails and pitiful looking peacocks until new ones grow in...

So very sorry to hear of the great suffering in Queensland. We forget that a disaster-- which can happen quickly-- may put people through pain and loss for unimaginable time. That long siege that they are enduring has to make it ever worse for them.
Thinking of them with hopes and prayers that the rain will stop, there, and that the help they need will come.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We are obessively watching the TV stories of the Queensland floods and even here it's certainly not 'summer' as we knew it. People are resilient mainly and will tough out the hard times ahead, but there will be some people who are so devastated that it will affect them greatly.