Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Painting class

I had to come home early todaty as I was so tired, a bummer but there it is. I have been enjoying this class but this afternoon we had a lovely but rather complicated painting to try doing washes with and my brain just wouldnt get around it.
the first painting was done on the first day and the second was a pen and wash we did this morning, before my brain turned to mud! Sitting outside the studio looking at a rusted rainwater tank between the back wall of the pub and the cottage next door.
I am definetly the worst in the class, perhaps I try to do too much but I have learnt a heck of a lot, I dont want to be a top drawere or a top watercolourist, I just want to enjoy myself and that is what I am doing.
Just that last night I was up half the night with leg cramps so no wonder I was tired.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
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Sally Westcott said...

Penny I love what you are doing with your sketchbook!

I think your water tank is quite romantic, with it's picket fence.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Both very nice pictures. Don't sweat over other people's styles and 'expertise'. It's like golf - you only play your own game and enjoy it of course. I'm sorry to hear about the aches. Me too a bit. I think it's the crazy weather.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Don't do yourself down by saying you are the worst in the class - I am sure they all (including you) have strengths and weaknesses - do remember you are in this for fun as well as to learn. I love your sketches for their spontaneity.

annie said...

Oh, Penny, I love the painting of the sea. And as Sally says, the tank is romantic with its picket fence. And as Wendy and Weaver say,people like us are into this stuff for the fun and for what we can learn (And I love your spontaneity also).

Hope the aches are better. I agree with Wendy that the weather probably affects us--sure does mine.


Wanda..... said...

I truly like both, Penny!

Candy said...

Penny, I'm sorry about about the leg cramps. I'm amazed that you're not thrilled with what you've done so far in the class. I love the water tank! Sally is right - it's quite romantic looking. Paint and draw on!

Suztats said...

I think you're doing very well, Penny! Learning can be fun, but it's tiring, too, and I remember the brain numbing from trying to learn a lot of new stuff quickly. I think it needs time to be absorbed. At least it does with my old brain!
You have such spontaneity in your watercolours, and I love that. So keep painting like you, and letting your voice and style sing.

Robin Mac said...

Penny, you make lovely watercolours, don;t worry about what the others are doing. have you tried drinking a bottle of tonic water before you go to bed? My mother swore by that for preventing cramps and I must admit I think it has helped me too. cheers, Robin

Julie said...

You know what? I love your stuff....just keep on truckin...and enjoying!!! Hope you are getting some sleep...I hate leg cramps...went through about a year of it 3 years back. No fun. Try sleeping at night with a bar of soap under the covers with you...people swear by this.

virginia said...

Dear Pen,

I love the oriental look which your paintings have. The seascape is wonderful, especially the light on the water. I like the one with the pond and the oriental-looking figure as well. You water tank is very nice and delicate and you put such a lot of care into your drawings and paintings.

Magnesium is good for cramps.