Sunday, January 16, 2011

The pond

In a blog I follow and I cant remember which one some one suggested taking a picture they like and making it their own. I was rather taken with the very Japanese look of the sylised trees and turned it into a pond with a woman feeding fish. I have to say this is nothing like the colour I painted it in, as I am still trying to come to terms with various editing functions on different sites, this is part gimp and part picassa and nothing has really worked.
I have been terribly busy and my computer has had a lot of problems, I really think the time is coming for a new one but I need to be able to afford it.
Yesterday I could get nothing out of this one which is attached to the printer. Really annoying.
Today I had to be up early, and wasnt, to go to a Welsh Show, our youngstock show, just as well I hadnt left terribly early as we had problems with our entries for one of the poneis, but a phone call soon fixed it.
Abut 11/2 hour drive from home but it was thank goodness a pleasant day. I didnt wait to the end as my cream colt had gone Supreme in one ring and I had a feeling the judge in the other ring would do something odd, and she did.
Out to dinner last night with Tabby and some of her girls and her John, who is probably now flying back to Perth. He was only here for the week end.
Tomorrow I start a 5 day 9.30 to 5 painting course. I hope I make it all the way through as I find it very intense and very tiring. Thank goodness I cleaned the house last week as it will have to last this week.
January and February always seem to be terribly busy months, so much happens, I suppose it is summer and one of the times we manage to catch up with people.


The Weaver of Grass said...

January and February are the least busy months here Penny, where the weather is awful.

Know about the frustrations of computers playing up - very annoying.

annie said...

Good luck with the painting classes. If I were as busy as you, I'd have no energy left for the classes--they have to be wearing even though great fun.

I like your Japanese sketch even in these colors, but computers and I are already having a love/hate affair so I wouldn't even try scanning.

Those flowers in your last post were glorious.


Julie said...

I like your japanese inspired painting! Sorry about your computer/printer problems...makes you want to cuss, I know! I hope your 5 day course will be just fantastic! I am soooooo jealous! I was signed up for a watercolor class right before my kids and grands came home from Germany, and now it seems a class will be out of the question for who knows how long! :(