Sunday, January 23, 2011


more from my workshop last week. I rather like trees and the first was using granulation and a monochromatic colour scheme, not sure mine was quite monochromatic but I was really pleased with this, inb real life the grnulation looks terrific, and before this week I had never heard of granulation!
The next was a small exercise making trees using dry brush and the edge of the brush, reat fun, the scan is a bit washed out. I am still having problems with my editing.
The third was supposed to be using soap as a resist but it didnt work so over the top I tried out an idea I had from a photo I had taken one early morning with an incredibly pink sky and the hills and lone poplar in the paddock behind the house. I quite liked it.
I got so much from these few days of class, but when I will have time to paint again I am not sure.
The weather is warming up and I have so much to catch up on, some stuff I need to do to sell, some on line classes that are calling and may take me ages to get into, let alone catching up on domestic stuff.
On top of that I have a sinus problem, one nostril is running, always happens at this time of the year. Bother it so I feel a bit under the weather.
On my other blog here I have a bit on what we did yesterday watching the Tour Down Under at Pt Willunga, a magic day.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Good courses in a subject one enjoys are always fruitful aren't they? I can see from the stuff you post that you are really getting a lot out of it.

PamelaB said...

I like all three but the last one was the best. I find the hardest thing about being housebound is missing out on courses and painting holidays.

izzy said...

I just took a book out of the library
on painting trees! I get stuck on a 'few'
different ways of expressing them.
I like the 1st, because the trees are in a natural state of disarray-(dead branches in among living)
I like your 2nd because they are rough in leaf/leaves. Thanks!

Suztats said...

Oh, how I miss being able to attend classes and workshops! I can see, though, that you've absorbed quite a bit from your class, and it looks fun, too!

annie said...

Oh, Penny, the paintings are so inspiring and lovely. Every single one. I am so glad that you can take these workshops--your enjoyment hows.


annie said...

enjoyment shows....


Julie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon in the sinus department!!! Looks like some cool techniques you have learned! I like what you have done here, for sure!!!

Sally Westcott said...

I just love your trees! And for that matter your people ae brilliant too!

I get white into an eye with a brush loaded with opaque whit and just put a dot! Not showing any of them yet!