Friday, January 21, 2011

More paintings

I had a lovely week and am now so sad that it is over, still, there are more classes to come thank goodness.The top one, I love doing these figures, theya re so easy and great fun to do, this lot look a bit as if they are being led out to sea and the one 3rd rom left looks rather zombie like.
the lower one is me practicing trees using the brush in different ways the colour hasnt come out quite right but it was a good exercise.
So when will I have time to paint again, I am not sure but it will happen. I have to catch up with having a week off and all normal duties on hold. tomorrow we are out to lunch and I have a busy day.
I also hope my computer is up to speed a bit more than it is at the moment.
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PamelaB said...

I like doing people,too, you can invent such lovely characters. thanks to you I have now joined up with the Sketchbook Challenge, I had lost a lot my motivation but hopefully this will help to restore it.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I think you 'people' painting is fantastic! Good on you for taking the time to do the course.

virgen3 said...

Your watercolours certainly show what a wonderful time you had this past week.