Friday, January 07, 2011

Playing in my sketchbook

The sketchbook Challenge words for this month were Highly Prized, or words to that affect. With the new camera came a lot of cleaning out of stuff on my computer so I am having to learn how to do new things with scanning etc.
Finally I have these up, and I hope I am doing things correctly. the first photo is what I think I prize highly, the world around me, birds, flowers, mother earth. Not a greenie but there are things we should be aware of and look after.
The second page was a list of things that perhaps I prize some more than others!
I am trying to play in a more colourful way with this little exercise, which goes on for 12 months. I think at the very bottom of the page on this blog is a thing to click on and find out about it all.
In some ways I think it all looks rather messy, but then it is terribly hot and sticky and the brain doesnt work terribly well under these circumstances.
I think my head is so full of computer stuff, not the way I usually do things at all and that iis going to make things a little more awkward than it was, but I will get there eventually. (I hope!) I have so much written down, now to keep it somewhere safe.
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Wanda..... said...

I relate to your 'Highly Prized' sketches and list, Penny...they would be on mine too.

Suztats said...

Yes, we should value our world more, and its natural elements. Keep playing, Penny, with your sketchbook, because that's how we learn, isn't it?

Sally Westcott said...

Thanks for a push in the right direction Penny! I was starting to panic about "Highly Prized"

I love both your sketches


Julie said...

It has been interesting to see what people have come up with for this theme! Love your top painting very much!!!