Friday, January 14, 2011

More leaves

For the sketchbook challenge I think I nominated leaves as being one of my most highly prized items, we didnt really have to nominate anything but this to me was one of the most important parts of our lives. I have gone through all this before so here are two leaves, the fist is a sort of drawing, then painting of the second leaf which I used to print with, having sprayed it with starburst sprays first. This was the second print I made.
Unfortunately my sketchbook pages are not terribly thick and the leaves I drew on the previous page using a sharpie showed through. I have played a bit with paint and pitt pens and other stuff on both. None of which have done quite what I wanted them to do when I edited them.
I am having trouble with a shoulder which hurts when I lie on it so I have not been sleeping terribly well so a day of not doing much, so far, I have done the weekly marketing but we are supposed to be going to the opening of the Rotary Art Show later this afternoon.
I am trying to get sketchbook pages prepped using watercolour so they are ready to go, nice easy work and fun at the same time.


Julie said...

I love the look of your second one, Penny! The leaves drawn on reverse side that show through is so cool!!! I wish I had the freeness you have in your work!

Anonymous said...