Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dead gum tree

I am not feeling 100% today, but I did walk this morning while I was feeding the horses again, didnt start feeling awful until I decided to put a tall stack together and it seemed to have a very strong smell, so I developed a head ache and felt giddy and sick. I am still staggering around trying to get some things done, like dishes etc.
I saw this dead gum in a neighbours paddock and was very taken with the miriad of branches that were there, I had taken its photograph thank goodness so I sat in the sun room drawing it, its not exactly like the photo but does give the impression of what it looked like.
Such a shame, I dont know if the stock ringbarked it or what, we are having the same problems in some of our paddocks although one of my favorites that died the galahs absolutely ripped into and ringbarked it about 15 ft up.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You don't have to make your drawing exactly like a photo and your tree is very expressive, not only of it's awful state, but perhaps how you feel when you are not well! Way to go!
I do hope you feel better soon. I had a rough day on Monday with hayfever, but I only get that for a day about every two years or so.