Sunday, September 10, 2006


Today John and I went over to Normanville and had a very long and pleasant walk, lots of cowries to find and other shells.
This is where as a child we always went in the summer, a beautiful calm day on the gulf side of the peninsular.
Stunning views and sparkly seas.
I was pretending that I was Julie on a Greek Island.


Alison said...

Well, lovely composition, even if not quite Greece - isn't it lovely to see Greece through julie's sketches.

Linda said...

:-D This is lovely! And I wish I was with Julie on a Greek island right now, too!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The curved shapes give it a lovely free appearance. Just a few lines and there's a picture!
I'm sneezing today with hay-fever and hardly can focus! It must be something in the air - it's spring now of course.

Julie Oakley said...

I wish I was on a Greek island now too!

Jana Bouc said...

Beautiful sketch and I love the idea that even as grownups we can pretend like we did as kids. When I go someplace new and I feel like I'm getting lost (I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost all the time) I pretend like I'm on an adventure and am just going to see where I end up. When I was a kid all our games started with , "Let's pretend that...". I love hearing it again.

Tony F said...

A delightful rendition Penny. Sea shell collecting is one of my favourite passtimes. I would love you to do some close-up studies of shells, maybe in watercolours?