Wednesday, September 27, 2006

pavement cracks and repairs

Sorry this is pretty wimpy but I am full of hay fever and feeling as though I have lead weights attached to my feet.
Not getting things done at all but I am still out walking the dogs and this one was done while I was in Victor shopping, I was getting a bit desperate to do something and thought of Alison. I found this repair work really quite interesting although now I have it up on the screen infront of me I think it looks pretty ordinary.
I am struggling at the moment to sketch everyday, the walking is ok so you may find me not contributing as much as I should. I am off to Adelaide on Monday for a week long textile class with Jae Maries from the UK and am having problems focusing on my requirements list!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Have a great time in Adelaide and I hope the hayfever subsides. I had it one day and that was enough! Take your sketchbook anyway to Adelaide and you'll find something to draw every day I'm sure. Even the other stitchers and sewers?

Alison said...

What is the class about? I hope you have a lovely time. A few suburbs had a windstorm but not us and still no rain.