Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sleepy lizard

This is the fellow we saw on Sunday, he was about a foot long and is a type of giant skink, a very old type of lizard, mybe his ancestors were around when the dinosaurs were about.
Wet and windy and a lot cooler today, not good for standing still and my walks are divided into bits as I have to walk the in season bitch and then the ravening dogs.
I have also been hard at it in the garden and I am sure wheeling huge barrow loads of weeds must help my fitness.


Karen said...

Good drawing, Penny!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely to capture the little creature! Did he actually pose for you?
Australia has so many remarkable animals.
Did you watch the Steve Irwin Memorial this morning Penny. It was very good to watch, but it sort of wasn't real - with so many film clips of him in action.

Julie Oakley said...

This is great - you really got that lizardy texture

Jana Bouc said...

Very good detailed job on the lizard. Did he sit still for you to draw him or did you have to remember the details. His eyes are especially interesting.

Tony F said...

Great sleepy lizard Penny. And I've read somewhere that pushing a wheelbarrow is about the best overall excercise we can do for fitness... a small consolation!