Sunday, September 17, 2006

/sunday walk

Another Sunday walk, this time from the Bluff towards Kings Beach, a wonderful day, too hot of course but not for walking or enjoying the views, the first one was towards the Bluff with Surfers but I was trying to catch the waves and white horses as the wind blew the top of the waves back the second one was a bit further along, the sea was a wonderful shade of blue and I was facing the other way. We found a sleepy lizard which I will load tomorrow, they are such fascinating animals. You are glad to be alive and able to walk on days like this and to live in an area where this is so close to home.
We came home and I played in the garden, repotting some tomato seedlings and some chilii seedlings, a few pots I have bought and weeding in the walled garden which needs an awful lot of work. Well one wheelbarrow load done. Hoses on.
One bitch in season and she is about a month early, not much fun as I have two clamouring male dogs and I was hoping to have her desexed before this happened.
We had whiting(which John caught) in parcels of oiled foil with lemon (from the tree), parsley (from the garden), salt and pepper and some lemon myrtle and chilli blend, very nice, with freshly picked broad beans just cooked with butter and a touch of lemon juice and pepper, followed by some lovely cheese and washed down with white wine. Dont tell my Doctor, not very cholestorol friendly (the cheese).
A good day.

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Tony F said...

Love these coastal shots Penny. You capture such drama and movement. I can spend hours with my tripod and SLR trying to frame a scene and get a level horizon. Now I know where I have been going wrong all these years! Just breathtaking.