Sunday, September 24, 2006

Local Church

Oh dear my lines seem to be getting less perpendicular than ever! I did the first one on the spot and tried to fix the second one when I got home, with very little time as usual. I really need to have that time.
Any way this is St Augustines the Church of England Church in Victor, a very odd little church with a square tower and oddly put together and tiny, doesnt fit a generous funeral crowd, last one we went to we had to sit out in the church hall and listen to a badly recorded service.
I will never forget going to a wedding of a friends daughter there where she (the bride) had a stand up fight with the minister at the doorway!
I think we also went to a couple of ordinations of ministers there, the one I liked best was when the bishop was wired for sound and put his hat (mitre?) on the chair folded up and sat on it! (This was when John was Mayor we went to all sorts of odd things as representatives of the community, not church goers ourselves all the religions invited us in.)
Any way I may have another go at this one some time later but I am not pleased with the way it came out. Perhaps if I sit more to the side it would be better but it isnt sited on the road very well at all, another road comes in behind you and the Church itself is on a curve
Must look up when it was built.
It has a celtic cross on top which is interesting, wnich is why I have another funny blob on the lower one, was trying to get it right first, silly me..


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Tell us more about John's mayoral experiences and were you the little mare beside him? When my Dad was mayor in Swan Hill, a long time ago, Mum and Dad had to go to all the balls and they were sat right up the front near the band. Also, they did the church thing - were invited to all and sundry.
Please some more drawings of the church because there are lots of interesting shapes in churches.

Tony F said...

Van Gogh never drew a straight line in his life Penny... you are in fine company. Lovely sketches.