Friday, September 29, 2006

Not a sketch a collage

I walked the dogs tonight and felt guilty that I hadnt had time for a sketch,( I was dodging cows with the pug bitch barking at them and nearly getting her head kicked off!) when I found this round thingy at the bottom left of this collage. I was also thinking desperatly of what "contrasting elements" the theme for the class I am taking next week meant. Any way I brought it home and took it into my work room when the dried elm leaf from last autumn fell out of a book I was moving. I looked at the rusted paper I had made last year and another bit of hand made paper and so my collage was born. Not sure if it relates to contrasting elements or what I will call it,-out in space - perhaps.
It was fun to do.
My day was full of shopping, blood tests, phone calls and thinking what I need and trying to find the things on the list for the class next week.
I am glad I dont have a small child as well.

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Tony F said...

The composition, colours, texture and contrasts work beautifully together Penny. A lovely collage.