Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pot plants

This is a small painting I did of the pots opposite my back door. The nasturtiums are showing their little yellow faces, not many but enough to say that warmer weather is coming. I walked the dogs out to the far gate, thank goodness we have had over 7 mm and that has freshened the paddock up after the hot dry couple of days.
My pony did well at Adelaide Royal, a 2nd in the leading rein class, she worked her way up from 6th place to 2nd in a huge class which was a thrill.


Julie Oakley said...

I like this cheerful little painting – a reflection of your success with your pony.

Lin said...

Lovely and cheerful!!! I do love potted plants!

Tony F said...

I like this composition very much Penny. I also like nasturtiums but my wife Carolyn keeps pulling them up as if they were weeds!