Saturday, July 25, 2009


While I am in the mood to paint I decided that I need to do some skies. I am not at all good at clouds so tend to avoid them. This was taken from a spectacular sky I took photos of, not the way the photo looked at all. Oh well I will try again.
John took me for another 'airing' today so we went back over to see Lake Alexandrina and over to Point Sturt and around to Hindmarsh Island and Goolwa and then a coffee at the favorite coffee place in Victor and sat drinking that while watching a rather distant mother southern right whale and her calf cavorting in the bay around Olivers reef, unfortunatly our southern rights are not as spectacular to watch as many of the other whales, perhaps because they are pretty big, oh and the name? Because they were the right whales to kill for their blubber.
So at last I have seen some this season apparently we have had lots and this is the best season for a while, usually not in our bay but around at Middleton.
I took photos for my other blog but I think all you will see is a very distant blob, I havent checked the photos yet.
I am having fun looking up my Haiku, I must look for some more books. Todays is by Kyoroku.
Even in castles
I have felt
The searching breath
of the wintry wind.
Oh and Weaver I cant find the one you asked about but I will do a search.

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annie said...

I like it, Penny. I don't know what you were trying to copy from the photo, but what you did with it is stunning. It reminds me of those sunsets when the colors seem SWEPT across the sky with a broom.