Monday, July 20, 2009

Vase of yellow flowers

They look a bit more orange in this scan but the yellow is very pale and didnt show up. I cant remember the name of the flowers but anything that flowers in the depths of winter are a bonus.
I think they are a South African bulb, which is now rather a menace here as they tend to escape, so much of our potential weeds are South African as the sailing ships tended to fill their holds with soil as ballast when they got to Cape Town.
Of course a lot of our Australian plants are now looked upon as pests in other parts of the world.
The vase colour isnt right either as it is a lovely celadon glazed vase a friend of mine who is a brilliant potter, Rob Thompson in Sydney gave me in the years when we were all skiing together.
My knee is improving, I walked down to the stables this morning to look at a new pony that has arrived and I am now washing and doing all the mundane Monday chores that I hate.
I had hoped we would go to see the Waterhouse Prize showing this evening, as we are Waterhouse members (which is a social and fund raising part of our South Australian Museum) but John has meetings all day and I wasnt prepared to spend all day in Adelaide and then stand for a couple of hours so with any luck we will go tomorrow and I will also see my mother.
Can any one out there expalin in simple terms how I get to link other blogs in the body of my blog? Others seem to do it but so far I havent worked out how.


Arija said...

Thanks for your visit, yes we do have a bit in common. We are in the eastern foothills, just on the edge of the Barossa valley and have sustained a really nasty 6 year drought with no water in our dams since the summer before last. Had to sell off most of our stock.
To use the great Aussie expression Bu...
There are a few more bloggers in SA.

ArtPropelled said...

I know the flower so well as I have always had them in my garden but couldn't tell you the name.(I love them!)We have so many australian trees here, the most prolific being the Jacaranda which is so beautiful. The municipality is systematically cutting them all out because they are not indigenous. Such a pity!Nothing is done about the invasive Lantana but our stunning avenues of jacarandas have to go. I will email you instructions re links.

Robyn said...
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Cathy Gatland said...

Oh dear, I feel almost responsible Penny! I think these are crocosmia/montbresia (see Glad that your knee is getting better.
To link to other blogs, you copy the link location, highlight the text you want to link to by passing your mouse over it, then click on the little green chain icon at the top of the composing window - a small window pops up and you paste your link into it.

Celeste Maia said...

A very nice drawing. I think I know those flowers, but dont remember their name. The vase is lovely, I have several celadon colored plates that I bought from a potter in Bali many years ago. So interesting how the South African plants ended in Australia. I was reading ArtPropelled's comment, how sad that they are cutting down jacarandas because they are not indigenous, what kind of excuse is that? I remembered playing as a kid in Mozambique under the jacaranda trees.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have given up trying to link, Penny - it is too complicated for my computer skills - I just mention a name and say - see my blog list.
The flowers you have drawn used to be called Montbretia and are now called crocosmia. I have a lovely bright red one called Lucifer. The orange ones are very invasive I agree - but aren't they lovely.

annie said...

So lovely, Penny-- the light and the shadow and the colors.