Friday, July 24, 2009

Dull day

This is taken from a photo I took while I could still walk. It is a little odd in that Granite Island was almost straight behind the pond of water that I was taking a photo of.
I was trying to do clouds but I dont think they have shown up terribly well.

A friend came out to visit today for a while which has made me much more full of enthusiasm.
I have also worked out how to get the links and the followers on my Back Valley Seasons blog (see the side bar) to work. Still too terrified to try the bit about relating to linking to some one elses blog by typing in here but I will eventually have a go at that as well, doing what I have done has been a major effort!
I have been good today and tried not to do too much standing, easier said than done but where the ligament attaches to the bone has been pretty sore all day today and I was told it was swollen by my physio and to be a bit less active.
Huh in this house I walk long distances!
My Haiku for today is by Basho
Since no bells resound
in this town,
What do people do
on spring evenings?
I really like Basho and I love Haiku, when we were in Japan the Mayor of the village and John used to write Haiku, John in English, the Mayor in Japanese and our translator had to make head or tail of them.


Celeste Maia said...

Nice haiku. You should think of an haiku for your lovely drawing, it well deserves one, almost like a Japanese print.
You wrote "Dull day", but your words are anything but. I hope you start feeling better. Take it easy as the doctor tells you, so you will mend faster. Here's an haiku by Jack Kerouac.

Shall I say no?
-fly rubbing
its back legs

The moon
the falling star
-look elsewhere

Came down from my
ivory tower
And found no world

The Weaver of Grass said...

So sorry the knee gives you so much trouble - I think we take our legs forgranted until one (or both) of them gives up. I am having similar trouble and know just how frustrating it can be.
Love your painting, as always - I like the somplicity of it.
Re haiky - there is the lovely Japanese one about blossoms falling on the grass because the wind cannot read the sign saying keep off the grass - I wish I could remember it to quote it properly. Do you know it?

Robyn said...

Your sky is showing up very well and lovely clear water reflecting it back.

I was fortunate enough to take a poetry course once with the magical Ms Dorothy Porter. She got me writing haiku but I wasn't wonderful, I'm afraid. Perhaps I should try again.

Rowe said...

Hi Penny, I've just been venturing around the blogosphere and came across yours via Celeste. You have some nice pieces of artwork here which made me think you might be interested in checking out blogger Lissa's creative Tuesday's, see this link. - I'm sure she would love to have you join in. Hope you feel better soon.