Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two images

I went back to the water color pencils today, having had an upset stomach for half of last night I didnt feel like much and I could manage the pencils in bed.
This is the original quick sketch I did of the path at Kings Beach. The first is just the pencils and crayons and the second is after I had added water. What a difference.
I think my stomach has settled and I am up and about now but maybe those lovely oysters we had last night just didnt agree with me, normally I can eat them for ever, perhaps one was going off but they tasted ok and their shells were closed when we opened them, they shoudnt have been fresher.

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Frances Tyrrell said...

Well done with the watercolour pencils. I have been teaching watercolour pencil for a few years and there are so many ways they can go! I think their best application is as a sketching tool, as in your landscape.