Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House by the railway line

I have had a very busy day.
John had a hearing test this morning and while he was having it done the ute was parked facing the railway line and the back of this probably 1890 - 1900 house and it had been newly painted and so it got sketched.
Did you know that hearing aids cost between A$6,000 -A $9,000 I cant believe it and have no idea how any one can afford one.
Apparently his hearing could be a lot worse so he will have to go without and I will just have to keep on shouting.
We then headed for Adelaide, primarily to go to a funeral, but we also managed to see my mother and take in fresh flowers. She wasnt terribly awake.
The funeral was good as funerals go, every one says such nice things about one, and she was a lovely person, but I cant help feeling that my children will not be so generous about me!
I really only knew Jan while we were young marrieds and having children around the same time, they moved on and so contact was pretty minimal over the years but it was a shock to find that she had died.
A grey and suitably miserable day. I was lucky to find a seat or I would never have lasted the time as my joints dont like this sort of weather. Incredible who you see at funerals like this as half the original old families from the town were there, many have moved away and many although I knew them as children I didnt recognise any more.
Todays Haiku is by Issa, I am not sure if it has any revelance or not up to you to work that out.

If my grumbling wife
were still alive
I just might
enjoy tonight's moon.


Celeste Maia said...

I liked your drawing and the story of your day. Yes, hearing aids cost a fortune. I had to get one for my 82 year old father, he resisted getting it, but I had to shout so much, I decided to go ahead. He had health insurance aid, so the cost was not so high. And then my father hated using it, he said it made too much static noise which did not allow him to hear properly. That is why it was probably wise of you not to get one for your husband.
Yes, when one passes away one becomes a saint, people only remember and say outragiously nice things about the diseased, making me wonder if they are talking about the person I knew.
I am glad you found a seat.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the sketch. Interesting haiku but not sure I understand it. Looking forward to reading who inspires you tomorrow.

Penny said...

Weaver I dont know if you are supposed to understand Haiku! sometimes the translation looses some of the meaning as well, there is a certain amount of play on words as far as I can gather.
I like to think that when I am dead some one will think I am a saint Maia!
To be frank they would probably find me far too self contained and boring!

Anonymous said...

this is for your other site what happened to scherezade ofter 1001?