Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake Alexandrina from Pt Sturt

This is my take on the lake and the sandbars that we saw yesterday, after comparisons with last year it is quite upsetting.
Today I have been sewing and watching a bit of football and wandering around the garden in between showers.
Today's Haiku, just because I like it is by Onitsura and reminds me of my dear friend Yoshiko who has many kimonos that she uses in tea ceremony, the last I heard she was not quite a tea ceremony master but she had many lovely and very valuable kimonos. Oh and we are both married, not sure about lovers.
Even I who have
no lover...
I love this time
of new Kimonos


Celeste Maia said...

What a good entry, both the drawing and the text with the lovely haiku that made you think of your friend Yoshiko. I cant resist to give you another haiku, this one by Hisajo Sugita (1890-1946).

Toujours obstinee
comme une femme...
Kimono d├ęte ble fonce

Loosely translated as "always stubborn like a her dark blue kimono".

I am writing to you at this very early morning dressed in my blue summer kimono too.

I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your day.

ArtPropelled said...

I was wondering how you were feeling after yesterdays jaunt. I'm enjoying your paintings....and the daily haiku. This one I read the other day has nothing to do with kimonos but I'll share it anyway.
Fui! A sour plum...
Thin eyebrows pinched together
On the lovely face
- Buson

Penny said...

Thank you so much for the Haiku from both of you, they are lovely and not ones I know.
I too wear a cotton Yukata in summer, a bit cold here in winter but my padded top I was given many moons ago still goes on as a bed top while I read my stuff on the notebook computer in bed these cold mornings.