Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am afraid this is a bit of a splodgy sketch as I had been in the garden all day and am tired so when I decided to do this I stood by the bedroom door and did the outline but when I went to put some paint on I am afraid I made a bit of a mess of the colors I was trying to put on.
It was lovely early on this morning, then down came the showers again and our walk flew out of the window and we decided to get wet here, cutting back and pulling weeds and doing a bit more potting on.
I have planted a pink clematis as well but I am not sure if the spot I have chosen for it is going to be very good, lots of roots in the soil but this one has been amazingly adaptive so I hope the other is too.
My lemons are all falling off the tree, they certainly dont like 43 degree C days, and on looking for my shasta daisies I cant believe it but I have three tiny plants left which I had better rescue and pot on, normally they take over. Other things like the glory vine have taken off and already need taming.
After the wild few days we have had perhaps this Haiku by Shiki is appropriate,
The thunder has subsided.
Evening sun on a single tree.
The cry of a cicada.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
We are having strange weather. In the middle of the night Peceli said, Hey Wendy there's something wrong with my eyes. I just saw four white flashes. Well, I asnwered, Me too. It's not your eyes. Must be lightning without the thunder.

annie said...

Lovely clematis and I don't think it is splodgy, Penny. And hurray for any rain at all...