Thursday, November 26, 2009

The stable yard at Castle Howard

This little corner had a barrow with vegetables on it and piled up pumpkins and a box of brussel sprouts, a lovely little bit to sketch.
Yesterday I saw my mother, who slept for most of the time I was there, so I arranged the flowers I had brought and after 3/4 of an hour slipped away.
It wasnt as hot as it had been but is now muggy so feels a bit worse. I was hoping we would get some rain but nothing so far.
I went to the garden center looking for dahlias, couldnt get any tubers I must be too late, we saw such lovely displays of them in the Jardin du Plants in Paris I wanted to get some in, I did find a couple of potted small ones so they will have to do. I also brought home some petunia seedlings and some geraniums, I know I usually grow my own from cuttings I have pinched but I feel I am running out of time so a mixed punnet looked like a good idea. Boy they are not cheap though.
I was hoping to have a quiet day but John decided to get the rods for the curtains up, that meant moving a heap of stuff and then having to sit and sew on the curtain rings, but it is done now and looks heaps better.
We are off tonight for a friends 70th Birthday.
The Haiku tonight is by Hyakuchi
Thinking comfortable

with a friend in silence
in the cool evening...


Gwen Buchanan said...

lovely drawing... and it is much warmer for this time of year here too.. after all it is the end of November and usually by now we have a permanent 1 or 2 foot layer of snow on the ground...

annie said...

A charming sketch, Penny. And I do wish you more rain, soon, and less heat.

I love all your haiku but this one is really special.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love your sketch Penny, but am wondering if you mean Castle Howard here in Yorkshire. Glad you got that curtain job done - I have jobs like that that I keep putting off - then when I do it I get a warm feeling.

Penny said...

You are right Weaver and I have altered it, slip of the computer finger,or my thoughts!