Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thunder and lightning

We lost power yesterday and the storm was so fierce I didnt turn the computers back on so therefore no post.
I sat for a while watching the rain pelting down and drew the little birds and then added some extra bits, and then a snail appeared and finally a vine with leaves and what was supposed to be a flower but it doesnt look much like one, and somewhere in the middle the bell appeared.
It is still blowing and I can hear the sound of chain saws so I suppose branches are down along the road. I have been planting some herbs I bought in the market today and throwing out old potting soil and repotting a few things. Stuff I should have done weeks ago.
I have had to watch my timing as when the rain comes it is incredibly heavy, if only for a few minutes. The garden is loving it.
The other is a little bit of nonsense I am doing a few of these, scraps of material, sewn on the machine and then some hand stitching, on some more than others. Layers, such fun.
Haiku today is by Buson
Spring rain falling
On the roof a child's rag doll-


ArtPropelled said...

I've been without the internet for several days too. Not sure if it was the storm but we're back on again, thank goodness.
I enjoy your doodles, Penny and I like the sound of your stitched layers.

Studio Sylvia said...

The framed layer piece is lovely Penny and I like the pattern in the bird doodle. The rain is welcomed, wherever it falls in Oz - it is a welcome sight to behold. I also like the Haiku. Penny thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I lurk too.

Gail P said...

These drawings are so delightful! Sorry that I haven't left you comments in quite awile, but you know why. Life!