Thursday, November 05, 2009

Still in the UK

The first is a rather wonky sketch of Bamborough castle which I drew from the sea ward side while John was investigating plants and rocks, it is a bit wonky as there was no where to sit and I had to stand and draw the outline.
The next is a bit out of order, these pots were what I could see when we had a small meal while waiting to find out where our gate was in Heathrow airport, the most awful airport ever.
Finally we went to Portmeirion which is the gloriously mad Italianate village in Wales, not a lot of time for sketching but we did sit and draw breath for a few minutes looking across the water to the further shore.
So one picture drawn on the East cost of the UK and the other on the west coast.
Still cool today, I have cleaned the house and walked so I feel terribly virtuous.
Robyn on Art Propelled, has a wonderful piece on taking a few minutes during your day to take stock and refresh yourself. I love her blog it is well worth visiting, even though I wish she would blog more often! I am hungry for South African images.
My Haiku today is by Etsujin

Poppy petals fall
softly quietly
calmly when they are ready.

My poppy petals are falling at the moment.


Candy said...

What nice sketches, Penny. It's such a pleasure to read about your trip and see your sketches from the trip. Thank you for directing us to Robyn's blog. I popped over there and I'm going to add her to my favorites. I also really like today's Haiku.

Kelly said...

...lovely sketches. A perfect way to remember you trip. Love the haiku--it has a wonderful feel to it.

PAMO said...

You really inspire me to sketch Penny- thank you. I also followed your link- and found some new great blogs to follow. Wonderful!

ArtPropelled said...

Penny, todays haiku is perfect.
Thanks so much for the mention. I will see what I can do about more South African images.