Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Roman artifacts and Whitby

On our way down to Yorkshire from Berwick on Tweed we went through the Cheviots and saw some moorland and different country again.
We called into Chesters Fort on Hadrians wall and had a good look around and I sketched a few of the horse related stuff that they had in the very good little museum they had there.
I was determined to go to Whitby while we were in Yorkshire, a long day but very interesting, we called into Castle Howard on the way through and going over the moors was a different experience to those on the other side.
Whitby is famous to Australians as it is where Captain Cook started off from for his travels to discover Australia so we had to go as I had heard of Whitby all my life.
So here are some of the houses across the bay from where we had lunch and a very good fish pie at the Quaterdeck. I sketched both these while we had lunch, the second is of the Whitby Abbey plus a bit of the church, it was not easy to work out what was which so I sketched the outline in fist and then went from there.
The weather is a bit kinder today, yesterday was a pleasant day but as I was in Adelaide I was tired by the time I got home. more of that in my other blog here.
my haiku is by Hyakuchi
Thinking comfortable
with a friend in silence
in the cool evening...

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice sketches again Penny/ I wish I had known you were in Whitby - we could have come over and met you for an hour or two. Still, maybe next time.