Monday, November 02, 2009


Today we are supposed to have a cool change but it is still steamy and uncomfortable.
I went in to see Gaby and Mason, he is a terror but gorgeous.
I have been painting pages for a small book I am doing on line with Lynda Monk, also a cover for a book doing another on line class with Maggie Grey and I should be at the sewing machine doing things for Dales class as well but its sort of not happening.
Two of these sketches were done at Berwick upon Tweed, the first was sitting on the Lowry trail, Lowry lived here for some years and there are various points where he painted and this is one, but I am no Lowry and he did paint in oils.
The next is of the three bridges that cross the Tweed at Berwick, the last is a wonderful railway bridge and while I was taking a photo a train actually went over it. I was sitting sketching this view from further down looking over the mud flats, all the tides along this coast go out for miles and then come in very fast.
The last is of the Farne Islands, or what I could see of them as the day was very gloomy, this was possibly done down near Seahouses but it could have been Bamborough as well. They wer interesting as well as when I first saw them they had great cliffs and then as the tide came in the cliffs disapeared.
Looking back the weather was pretty overcast most of the time so that the light was not very bright, infact I cant remember seeing much of the sun in England, and at times it was positively gloomy, not like our light at all, but for all that it was what I expected.
This Haiku by Shiki is apt for the northern hemishpere not here.
Oh how I enjoy
eating a ripe persimmon
while deep
old bells boom!


acornmoon said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Northumberland is beautiful, I am sure you will be inspired by the landscape.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love your sketches of N'umberland Penny. Interested that you are doing a Maggie Grey course, I am thinking of doing an on line with her too. I have just stocked up on new materials and textiles, so am raring to go.

BT said...

Super sketches Penny. Northumberland is an area I'm not familiar with. I must go for a short break there some time. You are so busy with your courses! xx

日月神教-向左使 said...