Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When in a doctors waiting room

Actually I was outside in the car waiting for John to have a small nasty cut from his back. I had wandered around the town and he still hadnt rung to say he was ready so I doodled. I must say I would quite like a vase looking a little like the one at the bottom of my sketchbook page.
I find doodling a lot of fun and I dont really feel as if I am wasting time.
Warmer today and I am still trying to get things sorted in the close bits of the garden. Pots are being moved around and a few new ideas being thought about. They may happen this season but I am not sure. A huge succulent that keeps falling over in a pot has been moved into the garden where I hope it wont get frosted.
We took the black mulberry my friend Paddy gave Tab for a wedding present over to her today, as she says mulberries have been part of all her life. We have always had one and the children will never forget the one at Cape Cassini on Kangaroo Island which covers about 1/2 an acre which we used to go and collect ripe mulberries in our bathers for the most wonderful feasts.
I have just discovered that I can get my flower stitcher onto my Pfaff sewing machine, after breaking 2 sets of twin needles on another machine so I am terribly pleased about that and plan a lot of practice on it in the next few days. I tried and tried but was obviously attacking it from the wrong direction.
Adelaide tomorrow so I may not post, I will see how I feel when I get home.
tonights Haiku is again by Basho
My horse clip-clopping
over a field...
Oh Ho!
I'm part of the picture!

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