Sunday, November 08, 2009


Not sure what my scanner is doing as this should have more colour on the right, the mysteries of getting it right.
I loved Conwy, this small walled town with castle overlooking the sea and estuary, we had a lovely time in the rain wandering around, well it only rained a bit and we had umbrellas.
Yesterday today and the next week are going to be horrid here, hot and gradually getting hotter with tops of at least 37 degrees, it is over 35 by the back door at the moment. Poor Tab's wedding on Saturday is going to be about 34 and I hope by then the temperature has gone down and not up.
Yesterday was the show, all I can say is read about it here although we had quite a good day it was far too long and tiring and the ridden is on today, I am not there!
The poor garden is going to turn up its toes as it hadnt had time to get used to these temperatures. We live in a country where there are floods on the east coast and stinking hot and dry here, but that is what usually happens, if it is wet there we get no rain.
Basho's Haiku feels a bit like the way I feel at the moment (not that I have a fever but heat does this to me)
Wandering, dreaming,
in fever
dreaming that dreams
forever wander.


ArtPropelled said...

Yes the heat does that to me too. 38C today and a hot burg wind to boot.
Love your watercolour, Penny

annie said...

I don't do heat, either. But 98 is too grim and I am glad to see it leaving here, now that autumn is moving along. My sympathy to you both. It is just starting to cool down, here, and I can start walking, again.

But Penny, that sketch and wash is so gorgeous...these little walled towns just capture my imagination. I stopped to look up Conwy and would love to have walked through it as you did.



Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovly little picture. The heat is getting to me and I can't do anything energetic at all. Peceli played golf with 300 others ypfsu and he and our minister won - lots of pars and birdies which is amazing. I was too lazy to cook so we just bought a large pizza for tea.