Sunday, December 27, 2009


We have had a very long but wonderful day. I was hoping fo something a bit better than this but now after walking hours over rough terrain both my knee AND my back dont like me!!
I was really just playing to see if my flowers were ok and messed this up when I put a wash over the top. So much for having a lazy day, I finished my book, you cant stop reading a Peter Robinson a few pages from the end, and John decided that we would have an early lunch and go to the mouth of the Willson River.
Now we did this about 12 years ago and I thought it was a tough walk then, today with a gammy knee it was tougher but I made it.
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Wanda said...

Penny...your Agapanthus Lilly painting may not have turned out the way you wanted, but it appeals to me very much. It's beautiful!

Kelly said...

...this is beautiful. I love the shade of blue--so peaceful.