Monday, December 21, 2009

Flowers from the KI garden

With no scanner I am having to take photos so only the larger stuff comes out. I am managing a few sketches and if you go to my other blog here you will see some of where we went today.
It is John's 72nd Birthday and we had a lazy morning until after lunch he decided to go to my most favorite bay on KI where I could walk and he could fish.
I did the painting this morning, agapanthus, fuchsia and a white buddlia.
As we didnt catch any fish he has gone to another spot but as that means more walking through sandhills and my knee says it has done enough I am home resting it.
We will go out to dinner tonight to celebrate.
We must be getting old, we are taking things very slowly, not running around like mad things but I am relaxed and enjoying it.
I am loving some of the photos of all the snow, but realise it probably isnt much fun for those of you who are on the count down to Christmas.
Keep well I am enjoying hearing about what you are doing.


Wanda said...

Your sketch is beautiful Penny. I forgot to say Happy Birthday to John at your other blog. Hope he had a nice day!


ArtPropelled said...

Happy Birthday John! Hope the fish are on the bite.

I love your painting!!! It is so delicate and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Tony F said...

Welcome back to the Island Penny. Lovely picture. I always enjoy your flowers. Best wishes for Christmas.

Penny said...

Thank you Tony, I wondered if you were here.
It is geat to be back.
Wanda and Robyn, John thanks you for his birthday wishes, we had lovely day.

Debra said...

I love your art. You have inspired me to dedicate a sketch book to every day art. Thanks!